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Monday, January 18, 2010

Earth's Best Diapers - Great Deal .... By Mistake!

So i went on over to Babies R Us on Saturday to pick up some cheap Aveeno Diaper Rash Cream (great deal BTW, check out the deal @ Hip2Save.com) and i happen to see the Earths Best Diapers on sale. I checked the sign and it stated "save $15! Jumbo boxes just $7.99!" Because i had tried these a few weeks ago and i know they aren't too bad, i grabbed a box; Of course as i was checking out, they were coming up as $15.00, so i had them do a price check and when the customer service rep came back over, she stated that the sign was wrong but had to guarantee me the price advertised!! Yay me!! - 64 diapers for just $7.99!!

Note: The deal was supposed to be "Save $7.99! Jumbo boxes just $15.00!" What a great, accidental, deal!

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